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Golf Coaching West Sussex – Short Game MasterClass 1

First clinic of the year - Short Game MasterClass 1

Friday April 20th - 14.00-18.30

The golf season is almost here. Get yours off to a scoring start!

You are invited to my first clinic of the year.

Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Are you hitting the ball well enough tee to green, but not scoring as well as you should or need?
  2. Do you duff, fat, or thin the ball around the green?
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    Golf Lessons Sussex – Reflection on 2017. Set Goals and Improve in 2018! Do it.

    Golf Coaching Sussex – Reflection on 2017. Improve in 2018! Let's make it happen! It’s that time of year to reflect. 2018 is now here, albeit rainy and windy, but another year lies ahead.  Can you make 2018 better than 2017? I think you can! I've just been through this excerise myself, in my golf and in my coaching. I found it really beneficial, I think you will too! I will look to do this with all of you when I next see you next, but till then I would encourage you start the reflection process yourself. I I don't get the chance to see you soon, crack on anyways. So the things I want you to consider, did you achieve what you wanted in 2017? If so what was your strategy and formula, is it worth repeating again? Can you improve it further? Do you want more in 2018? If so what strategies do you need to...

    The Art and Science of Putting – May 19th 2017 15.00 – 19.00

    “If you want to be a great putter you have to begin by believing that great putters are made, not born” - Dr Rob Rotella Putting is 'Important'. It often makes the difference between your best scoring rounds and the average, and can help turn the poor rounds back into average. Therefore becoming good at this part of the game will help you enormously in your pursuit of your golfing goals. This clinic will help you improve; - Technically - Tactically - Mentally Some examples of what great putters do; - They miss once per round from 6ft and closer - They only 3 putt once every 36 holes - They will hole 50% of putts from 8ft Now ask yourself this question; are you anywhere close to this? Reflect on your last few rounds? If you are not, think about how many shots you could save? Find this intriguing and challenging, then sign up to this clinic,...

    Golf Coaching Sussex – Reflection of 2016. Improve in 2017!

    It's that time of year to reflect. 2017 is now here, another year, another challenge, will you make it better than 2016? Yes you will. For some we have already started this process and reflected on the year passed and then set some defined goals for 2017. I will look to do this with all of you when I next see you, but till then I would encourage you start the reflection process yourself. For example, did you achieve what you wanted in 2016. If so what was your strategy and formula, is that worth repeating again? Can you improve it further? Do you want more in 2017? If so what strategies do you need to change, what new formulas and behaviours must you now consider? Don’t be afraid to keep pushing to stay slightly above your current skill level; this is where maximise growth and learning take place. I have just been reading a book by Dr Dave Alfred (Jonny Wi...

    Golf Coaching Rustington

    Week 8/8 Challenege 8: 5 Lives Draw Back Purpose: This drill focuses on improving your ability to hole more putts from short (6ft <) and medium range (7-15ft). This skill is important for making par saves. Your better scoring rounds will always show a correlation in your ability to hole out and hole putts from medium range. Scoring: Start from 3 foot away and hole out. If you are successful move 1 foot further back. Keep moving 1 foot until you miss. When you miss you lose a life. You have 5 lives. Once you lose a life, place a constraint on yourself and move to a different hole, which has a different slope/break. See how far you can get from the hole with just 5 lives. ...

    Golf Lessons West Sussex

    Week 7/8Challenege 7: Be a 2 Putt King Description: Get great at distance control which will help reduce the number of 3 putts you take. The goal of this exercise is to see how many times you can play consecutive holes without 3 putting. Once you have a 3 putt, the game is over. Your score is the number of holes you complete in a row without a 3 putt. Here is an example of putting efficiency that Luke Donald displayed in 2011 when he reached world number 1. Out of 1206 holes he only 3 putted 15times. That's a 3 putt every 80th hole. Holes in a row without a 3 putt - 448. Impressivest stuff. I would suggest if you are only 3 putting once ever 36 holes, your putting well. But as you can see, a long way off from Mr Donald!? Why don't you keep a record from now on? To improve your efficiency practice the following game: Hit a ...

    Golf Coaching Rustington

    Week 6/8. Challenge 6 - In the ZoneDescription: The goal of this task is to develop better distance control on long putts. This is a vital skill in reducing the frequency of 3 putts.
    • All putts are played 20ft to 60ft,
    • Select 18 putt stations, random distances and locations. Place a tee down,
    • Select 3 target holes,
    • Place a club 3 ft behind each hole to create a zone.
    Objective: Hit 6 putts to each of the 3 target holes from each of the 18 different locations. For a putt to be successful the ball finish either in the hole :-) or between the hole and the shaft of the golf club, but not touching or past. The objective is to record how many putts in a row you get into the zone.
    Date  Venue Score
    Date  Venue 

    Golf Coaching West Sussex

    Week 5/8 - Sprial Drill  Description: This challenge is to focus on developing the ability to hole out from key 'holing out' and 'mid-range' distances of 4-15ft. Place 12 tees down in a spiral shape starting at 4ft and going all the way around to 15ft. Each putt is either for a par or birdie. The best score possible is 7 under par. Always aim for a low score to keep pushing a personal best. Constraint.  Getting to easy, then turn up the heat and add pressure to yourself, try out the following;
    1. You must hole the final 15ft to complete the game.
    2. If you Par 3 in a row, you must start the game again

    Golf Coaching Sussex

    Week 4/8. Challenge 4: You vs the Tour and a World Number 1. Description: This challenge is a 50 ball game that focuses on putts of varying length. Becoming successful at these ranges will help improve your score tremulously. Your score is compared against the tour averages and Luke Donald averages when he was world number 1 in 2011. Do not hit each putt from the same place but instead create a circle around a hole when putting from each distance. Good Luck. This is one of my favourites. 
    Distance  Target  Score  Score  Score 
    Length of Putt No. of Putts Tour Average Luke Donald
    4 8 6.8 8
    5

    Golf Lessons Rustington

    Week 3/8 Challenge 3: String Line Description: This exercise is designed to develop technique in a natural way. By hitting putts under a string-line line from 8-10feet you will be encouraged to improve your aiming abilities as well as sound stroke mechanics particularly with regard to the putters face and path. The objective of this challenge is too see how many putts you can hole without missing. If you miss, you have to start again.  Constraints: In an effort to simulate pressure experienced on the course and in competition, you must hole 10 in a row and you only get 3 attempts at this on any given day.   
    Date Venue No. Holed 

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