“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Golf Lessons West Sussex

7/8 - Penultimate practice session - 'The Random Number Generator'. This is a great progression from last weeks practice game and is great for decision making and distance control. The very fact the game promotes varied practice is excellent and breaks the habit of just hitting one club at one target. Go to your App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and download for free the 'The Random Number Generator' image How to Play: Generate two distance parameters, e.g 50-200 yards. The app will then select a distance for you to hit, e.g. 105 yards. Your goal is then to try and hit this yaradge. If you have access to a launch monitor or pro tracer like we have at Rustington then ...

Golf Coaching Sussex

This weeks game is all about distance control, learning feel and creating extreme skill in your ball flight.

I heard this story once; Ben Hogan was once playing in a pro-am where one of his partners asked him all day what club he was using. Finally, on the eighteenth hole, a long par 3, after hitting his regulation shot, Hogan proceeded to put a ball on the green with every club in his bag. He looked at his astonished amateur partner and told him that it didn't matter what club he used, but rather what the shot had to be in order to make club selection. This just highlights the skill Ben Hogan had. Practice the following game and increase your level of skill. Wrong Club Wrong Club works best when you’re with another player but it’s not a necessity. Player 1 challenges player 2 by choosing a target or a...

Golf Coaching Sussex

Week 5/8 Another week and another chance to improve your skills and golfing potential. And the good news is, you don't even need to be on the course battling the wind and the rain. Stay patient, keep practicing, Spring is almost here. This week is the ultimate skills test. It's not for the faint hearted. It requires patience and practice. Whatever your golfing level, you must attempt this exercise. The act of even trying this task will improve your skill, shotmaking, learning, awareness and ultimately your golf. It also gives you the chance to vary your practice, which is linked to long term learning. Give it a try, what do you have to lose? For those that feel you haven't mastered hitting it straight yet, still try this exercise, your become straighter because of it. If you need help hitting any of the shots then let me know. 9 S...

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Week 4/8 The rain is still persisting; the courses are still wet, and in some cases even closed. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of a bad situation. This week’s practice game is course simulation and shot shaping. This game will vary your practice and enable you to rehearse a variations of skills. The game is a 9hole course card comprising a variety of clubs, length of shots and ball flights. All you need to do is set the parameters based on your skill level. Make it larger for the longer shots, smaller for shorter.  
Hole Shot Point Shot Point Shot Point Total