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Lower your score without changing your swing! Sussex Golf Lessons



An opportunity your golf game can’t afford to miss!

Russell Evans and Cranfield Golf Academy Presents

Your New Golf Mind – Secrets in Applying Golf’s Common Sense

To reach your full potential it’s essential you address the mental side of the game. Your mind and body are linked so we must learn to use them both effectively and efficiently to bring out your better golfer.

Please join me for a unique clinic blending ‘Theory and Practical’. We will start in the class room and then head to the golf course. Let’s explore tools and the techniques to dramatically improve your golf game without working directly on your swing.

The Days Schedule

Class Room Presentation

Introduction – 14.00 – 16.00

· Power of the Mind – Your Amazing Brain

· Positive, Negative or Balanced Thoughts? What is best?

· Two Things You’re Trying to Control

· How Important is One Shot?

· How Can you Become the Best you can Be?

4 Pillars to your Golf On the Course 16.15 – 20.00

1. Before you play – mentally prepare for a round of golf.

2. During the round –   mindset and decisions making.

3. Between shots –  You only actually play golf for 15% of the time on the golf course. Learn how to manage effectively the 85% of the game that is non-golf.

4. After Golf – Refection after golf. Recall success and let go of failure. Improve your self-confidence.

Please join me for this unique opportunity that you and your golf game can’t afford to miss.

Remember you work on your golf swing, why not work on your golfing mind too?

Thursday 3rd August  2017 – 14.00 – 20.00

All for the Price of an Hours Golf Lesson – £60

Maximum Number of People 12.

Book Your Space Now to Avoid Disappointment

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The Art and Science of Putting – May 19th 2017 15.00 – 19.00

“If you want to be a great putter you have to begin by believing that great putters are made, not born” – Dr Rob Rotella

Putting is ‘Important’.

It often makes the difference between your best scoring rounds and the average, and can help turn the poor rounds back into average. Therefore becoming good at this part of the game will help you enormously in your pursuit of your golfing goals.

This clinic will help you improve;
– Technically
– Tactically
– Mentally
Some examples of what great putters do;
– They miss once per round from 6ft and closer
– They only 3 putt once every 36 holes
– They will hole 50% of putts from 8ft

Now ask yourself this question; are you anywhere close to this? Reflect on your last few rounds?

If you are not, think about how many shots you could save?

Find this intriguing and challenging, then sign up to this clinic, improve your putting and more importantly ‘YOUR GOLF’

“Putting is something that can be taught to anyone’’ Dave Stockton – PGA Tour Putting Coaching


Sign up now and pay before May 5th 2017 for a 15% Early bird Discount

Price for Clinic


Bring a friend and  ‘you’ receive 25% off original price.

Golf Coaching West Sussex – Short Game MasterClass 1

Due to over subscription and popular demand. I am organising another clinic. Same format, different day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Thursday May 4th 15.00-19.00

The golf season is almost here. Get yours off to a scoring start!

You have been invited to my first (well second) clinic of the year.


Short Game Master Class

Only 8 Spaces Available! Grab yours now.

Are you hitting the ball solid tee to green, but not scoring as well as you should or need!?

Losing to your playing partners because of their superior scrambling skills!?

Fed up of throwing shots away around the green!?

Not getting up and down enough!?

No confidence with a chip or pitch shot!?

Fear and anxiety when you need to pitch over a hazard?

Or do you simply need and want a better short game for your best golfing year yet!?

If one or more of these statements is true, then my first clinic of the year is designed for you!?

This is not like your normal golf lesson with me, this is a clinic. A whole afternoon of short Game instruction and practice.

Come along for a half day (4 hours) of expert instruction and practice that will teach you a lifetime of scoring skills

How does this clinic work?


  • Importance of the short game – understand some basic short game numbers
  • Scoring skills tests – get a baseline of your ability
  • Personal improvement sessions for better skill and control of your golf ball when chipping and pitching
  • Club selection and distance control
  • Re-test your skill

Price £69

Early Bird payment booking discount of £62 paid before April 15th 2017

Bring a friend and you receive 25% off original price

Pay Now Via Pay Pal


Thursday 4th May – 15.00-19.00

I sincerely hope you will grab this opportunity and join me for what is sure to be a fun and rewarding experience.

P.S – This clinic isn’t a SHOULD, it’s a MUST .

P.P.S – Get a better Short Game this summer, and help lower your scores



Email me now to confirm your place – re@cga-golf.com


Dates for your diary! Jot them down.. Commit yourself to a great golfing season!


  • April 14th – Friday: 15.00 -19.00 – Short Game Master Class 1. The art of better chipping and pitching. Turn 3 shots into 2 around the greens.
  • May 19th – Friday: 15.00 – 19.00 – Putting Putt Clinic. Improve the 5 skills important to putting. Hole more putts from short, medium and long range.
  • June 17th – Friday: 13.00 – 19.30 – Mental Game Clinic – Take shots off your game without changing your swing.
  • July 20th-21st – Thursday/Friday. Break 100 2 – Day School. For those that haven’t broke 100 yet. Here is how!
  • August 18th – Friday 15.00 – 19.00 – Short Game Master Class 2. Bunkers and Awkward Lies
  • September 16th – Saturday 13.00 – 18.00 – Course Management Afternoon. Think better, and save shot by matching your game to the course.
  • November (1st Week) – Golf and Coaching Break in the Sun- Dates/Venue and Confirmed in June/July

Look forward to seeing you through the year. Email will be released 3/4 weeks before each clinic  with further details.

Here to their best 2017 on and off the course.




Short Game Master Class 2 – Bunkers and Awkward Lies

Short Game Master Class  – Only 8 Spaces Available!

The 2nd ShortGame Clinic of the Year – 2016 

Bunkers and Awkward Lies


This is not like a normal golf lesson, this is a clinic. Learn and practice an area of the game that many don’t ever work on. Improve your ability to hit better bunkers shots and escape awkward  lies.  Situations that can make and break your round of golf.

A half day (4 hours) of expert instruction that will teach you a lifetime of scoring skills.

Itinerary of Clinic
– Test Your Skills
– Bunkers: Strike, Distance Control, Awkward Lies
– Awkard Lies Around the Green: Bare, heavy, plugged, sloping lies.

You will be doing your GOLF a DISSERVICE if you fail to attend.

Extras: Personalised folder with technical insights performance games and feedback

Price £68

‘Early Bird’ booking discount to be Paid By of £61 before August 2nd 2016

When – Friday 19/08/16

15.30 – 19.30

Pay Now – Click here



I sincerely hope you will grab this opportunity and join me for what is sure to be a fun and rewarding experience.

P.S – This clinic isn’t a SHOULD, it’s a MUST .

P.P.S – Get a better Short Game this summer, and help lower your scores. FACT





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