“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Cranfield Golf Academy

“You posses more natural ability to the play the game than you think, call it intuitive knowledge, call it an inner genius – the fact is, it is there

Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Professional

I work under the umbrella of Scott Cranfield. Scott is a world renowned coach who has worked on tour with the likes of Simon Khan, Bradley Dredge, Phillip Price, Barry Lane, Per Ulrik Johansson, Severiano Ballesteros and Ernie Els, to name just a few.

Scott has been a regular coaching pundit on Sky TV for Golf Extra, The World of Golf and Golf Night shows. He has hosted international seminars and has written over 50 magazine articles. As you can see, Scott is an inspiration and his acquired knowledge, along with my own experiences has helped me develop my coaching skills. I have been personally trained and certified by Scott Cranfield and have completed various training programmes under his guidance. At Cranfield we are a network of passionate coaches dedicated to personal development, constantly receiving updates in the mental, physical and physiological aspects of the game.

Our Philosophy’s at CGA

Linking Mind and Body: As a human being you are a holistic integration of mind and body, and all the complex system that come with that.

There is a Better Golfer Inside: Everyone has an amazing ability to learn, very often we just need to peel away the distraction and the misguided beliefs.

Coach Truths not Opinions: We are all governed by certain laws of force and motion, what we refer to as truths. The power of applying truths is they work providing you apply them.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: We will take you through a full game assessment, we do this because everyone is different; different goals, different strengths and weaknesses. The assessment allows us to understand your goals and created a tailored personal plan to help you develop.

Is There a Better Way?: In many ways this is the motivation of it all. We are always on the search to find a more effective, simpler and more sustainable way to help golfers improve. It’s for this reason we continue to learn and research.

To find out more about CGA please visit www.cga-golf.com

intuitive-golfTo read and buy Scott’s latest book please follow the link – Intuitive Golf


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