“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Golf Coaching Rustington

Week 6/8. 

Challenge 6 – In the Zone

Description: The goal of this task is to develop better distance control on long putts. This is a vital skill in reducing the frequency of 3 putts.

  • All putts are played 20ft to 60ft,
  • Select 18 putt stations, random distances and locations. Place a tee down,
  • Select 3 target holes,
  • Place a club 3 ft behind each hole to create a zone.

Objective: Hit 6 putts to each of the 3 target holes from each of the 18 different locations. For a putt to be successful the ball finish either in the hole 🙂 or between the hole and the shaft of the golf club, but not touching or past. The objective is to record how many putts in a row you get into the zone.

Date  Venue  Total Number of Putts in a Row

Good Luck and Enjoy

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