“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

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Week 5/8 – Sprial Drill 

Description: This challenge is to focus on developing the ability to hole out from key ‘holing out’ and ‘mid-range’ distances of 4-15ft. Place 12 tees down in a spiral shape starting at 4ft and going all the way around to 15ft.

Each putt is either for a par or birdie. The best score possible is 7 under par.

Always aim for a low score to keep pushing a personal best.

Constraint.  Getting to easy, then turn up the heat and add pressure to yourself, try out the following;

  1. You must hole the final 15ft to complete the game.
  2. If you Par 3 in a row, you must start the game again
Distance  Target  Score  Score  Score 
4ft Birdie 
5ft Par 
6ft Birdie 
7ft Birdie 
8ft Par 
9ft Bridie 
10ft Birdie 
11ft Par 
12ft Birdie 
13ft Par 
14ft Birdie 
15ft Par 



Good Luck and Enjoy!

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