“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Golf Lessons Rustington

Ball Control (Fade/Draw) – Week 8/8

Final week – Enjoy…

‘Practising shaping shots develops tremendous confidence even if you don’t use it’ Lee Trevino

Now don’t panic! You may be thinking I can’t hit the ball straight consistantly, why are you asking me to draw and fade?

As with the 9 ball window challenge in week 5, the very act of trying will require you to experiment, explore and even fail; all requiments in learning. The biggest sell I can give you; if you do learn to shape the ball left and right, you will have a much better awareness of being able to hit it straight.

The Rules

  •  Select a flag and a parameter 10 yards apart either side to represent a green (of scale appropriately to skill level)
  • The game is to alternate between a fade and a draw, with each shot moving as you intend, and it must land on the green, or between specific parameters.
  • Each time you play the shot as intended you get one point.
  • Play this game with 30 balls.
  • Alternatively work on just one shot a time, i.e, see how many fades you can hit between the markers.

#please note:

  • A fade is a shot that starts left of the intended target line and moves in the air left to right into the selected parameters.
  • A draw is a shot that starts right of the intended target line and moves in the air right to left into the selected parameters.


If you complete the above and want to push your skill level;

  • Make the game fade, straight, then draw.
  • Select a longer club, e.g. 4iron or driver
  • Reduce the size of your parameter, e.g. 5 yards
  • Increase the size of your shot shape, e.g. produce a larger fade or draw
  • Change the trajectory, e.g. hit a high fade or low draw.

Keep a log of your scores in your note book or journal. Date it, define what club you used and what score you achieved.

Good luck and let me know how you get on. If you need advice or assistance then let me know in our next session. Using Trackman can really accelerate your understanding and thus learning.






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