“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Golf Lessons West Sussex

Week 7/8

Challenege 7: Be a 2 Putt King

Description: Get great at distance control which will help reduce the number of 3 putts you take. The goal of this exercise is to see how many times you can play consecutive holes without 3 putting. Once you have a 3 putt, the game is over. Your score is the number of holes you complete in a row without a 3 putt.

Here is an example of putting efficiency that Luke Donald displayed in 2011 when he reached world number 1. Out of 1206 holes he only 3 putted 15times. That’s a 3 putt every 80th hole. Holes in a row without a 3 putt – 448. Impressivest stuff.

I would suggest if you are only 3 putting once ever 36 holes, your putting well. But as you can see, a long way off from Mr Donald!? Why don’t you keep a record from now on?

To improve your efficiency practice the following game:

Hit a putt from the following distances. Make sure you do it in this order;

  1. 25ft
  2. 12ft
  3. 50ft
  4. 18ft
  5. 60ft
  6. 40ft
  7. 15ft
  8. 55ft
  9. 70ft
  10. 35ft

How many can you do in a row without a 3 putt?

Good Luck and Enjoy.




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