“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Coaching Philosophy

My Philosophy.

  • To build a learning environment to support aspirations and goals by improving core knowledge and self-awareness.
  • To facilitate enjoyment and performance with straightforward solutions for every individual.
  • To provide a holistic approach, based on consistency, accountability, responsibility, communication, commitment, trust and honesty

My number one objective as your coach is to help you reach your goals and to bring you success.

My coaching philosophies and attitude towards golf performance have been created by various sources and domains, including: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Geometry, Physics, the Principles of Force and Motion, Psychology, the Nature of Learning and Skill Acquisition.

My Holistic Model


‘If you want to be different, you must change to be different.’

If your current performance is not what you want, then evaluate your current behaviour. Are you out of balance, and simply need re-directing?

“Work smarter and unleash your potential”

Experience – 10, 000 Hours Plus

I have been coaching as a full time position for over 8 years and in this time I have accumulated nearly 11, 000 hours of coaching.

In this time-frame I have continually reflected, researched, monitored and studied my coaching, with the goal of being the best I can be for each and every individual that I coach.
Although I will never claim to know it all, the environment in which I have learnt has helped me uncover the truths from the lies, the effective concepts vs. the misconceptions, and the facts from the fiction.

Although the journey to self-mastery is never-ending, I look forward to what the next 10,000 hours will bring. I will question and research every step of the way and constantly strive towards better performance.

“Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” Malcolm Gladwell

Our Relationship

Although every relationship I develop will be different, here is what you can expect from me, and also what I expect from you:

What you can expect from me

I will be totally committed to your personal success. My efforts will be to

  • Understand you: I will listen, not just hear
  • Provide you with enthusiasm and motivation: The passion for what I do will inspire you
  • Challenge you: I will push you above and beyond your current skill level. I will help you learn from your experiences and push you to find your own answers. There is no fear in admitting mistakes; let’s identify a solution.
  • Advise you: I will help you to be the best you can be; genuinely and consistently.
  • Provide a fair and honest environment: There are no hidden agendas; honesty is one of my key values.
  • Support you: If you With changes to the working environment we both have to be patient with clear explanations
  • Communicate and support you: I will be patient and provide you with clear explanations. Communication is paramount. There will be no confusion about the end result and how we intend to get there.
  • Take responsibility: If I’m willing to take the credit I will be willing to take the blame.

What I expect from you: It is teamwork between us that will produce the results that we are both looking for.

‘A master of anything was first a master of learning’ Michael Hebrom.

Your efforts will be to:

  • Invest your time: the progress you make is also dependant on the amount of time you’re willing to invest.
  • Set goals: Be clear with what you want to achieve. Once you’re clear, we can plan. Focus on processes, not the immediate outcomes.
  • Set expectation levels: How high is golf on your list of values and how much time/resources you can really commit?
  • Be honest: Although I will get a sense for how you are feeling and thinking, I won’t truly know unless you tell me.
  • Work with fact not fiction: I have the tools to provide you with the true facts. Avoid tips and advice from the internet and well-meaning friends. This will only distract your focus on what we are trying to achieve.
  • Be accountable: Hold yourself accountable to the goals you set yourself at beginning.
  • Before a Session: Please do not be concerned about how you are going to look or perform, please relax and enjoy yourself.
  • During a Session: When working with something new, try to avoid saying to yourself ‘this feels funny or awkward’ as this will plant a negative thought, and get you out of a ‘flow state’. Instead just say’ well this feels new, and I will give myself some time’ or ‘when I have more experience, I will do this better’.
  • Bad Outcome: This is all part of the learning process. Try not to be too perfect, or let your expectations get too high during change. See any experience as feedback, not as failure or your lack of ability.
  • After a Session: Although I don’t believe in the notion of ‘you have to get worse, before you get better’, there is a chance you will feel that you are not improving straight away. This is only natural. But if you are aware of this beforehand, you have started to understand the whole learning and coaching experience.
  • Learning Environment: Whatever area of the game we decide to work on, suggestions made must be trained in a practice environment. The lesson is what you take away; it’s not the time you spend with me. Stick to your practice schedule and you will improve. I guarantee you that.

‘It takes great learners to make great reputations for teachers’ Tommy Armour.

Roles and Qualifications

I have spent the last decade refining myself as a coach, studying from within the game internally but also externally. Research domains have included; the learning process, psychology, skill acquisition and the laws of force and motion.  I am committed to personal and professional development for the goal of assisting is my student’s education.

Roles Include:

  • Full Time Coach for CGA @ RGC – Level 4 Coach, working towards Level 5
  • Sussex Under-16 Coach
  • Sussex Development Academy Under 14

My Qualifications:

  • PGA Advanced Professional
  • Currently studying PGDip/Msc in Coaching
  • Working towards UKCC PGA level 3/4 (Advanced Certificate in Golf)
  • Coaching BA (Hons) University of Birmingham 2:1. AGMS
  • Authorised Instructor of the Golfing Machine GSEB
  • Mind Factor Coach
  • TrackMan Level 2 Instructor
  • The Golf Athlete Level 1
  • Premier Fitness – Certificate in Advanced Personal Training Personal Trainer
  • Instinctive Golf Coach

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