“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Performance Coaching Services

Bronze Package – Trust one lesson won’t work – Give your golf the time it deserves

Instead of taking sporadic lessons from time to time with no sustained improvement, why don’t you try the Bronze Package? This package is a unique and personalised coaching plan empowering you to achieve your golfing ambitions. Every tool you will receive will be the very latest in cutting edge skills from the world of coaching.

  • 1-Hour Assessment and Goal-Setting Session
  • 1- Hour Lesson a month for 12 Months
  • 3 30-minute drop-in sessions when needed
  • Practice Planning
  • 1 Competition and Tournament Observation
  • Golf Data Lab Subscription (Stats Software)
  • TrackMan Allocation
  • Performance Journal
  • You will also have the facility of back up phone calls and emails

Sliver Package – Build on Your Golfing Dreams

The Silver package gives you a complete programme to elevate your game towards your true potential. You will be personally profiled, assessed, and given an annual plan outlining in detail your route to improvement. All of the coaching will be structured to make sure they become part of your golfing behaviour. Limiting patterns and habits will be changed and replaced with productive patterns and rituals of success.

  • 2-hour Assessment and Goal Setting Session
  • 6 half-day Coaching sessions over 12 months
  • 3 60-minute drop-in sessions when needed
  • Practice Planning
  • Golf Data Lab Subscription (Stats Software)
  • 2 Competition and Tournament Observations
  • TrackMan Allocation
  • Performance Journal
  • You will also have the facility of back up phone calls and emails

Gold Package – Tour Professional Treatment

The ultimate game personalised programme, tailor-made to your own unique requirements. Every single aspect of your game will be looked at and maximised to take you towards your ultimate golfing dream. This programme is NOT for the casual golfer. It is a comprehensive programme, which requires commitment but will achieve significant results. 100% commitment and dedication required.

What’s included?

  • 1 half-day Assessment, Planning and Goal Setting: Profiled Technically, Mentally, Physically, Tactically
  • 1 full-day coaching a Month for 12 Months
  • 4 drop-in 60-minute sessions when needed
  • 4 Rounds (Tournaments) of watching you play
  • Golf Data Lab Subscription (Stats Software)
  • 2 3D Biomechanical Sessions – Start and End of Year
  • TrackMan Allocation
  • Unlimited advice via email and telephone hone
  • Performance Journal
  • Drop Box Exchange of Videos/Feedback/Hand-outs

Mind Factor Coaching:

As part of my development I have invested heavily in sports psychology and performance coaching. As a result I offer inner game mind coaching as a separate coaching product.

The areas I specialise in include

  • Minimising Interference and Staying Present
  • Nerves and Anxiety
  • Loss or lack of confidence
  • Poor Self-Talk and Self Image
  • Pre and Post Shot Routines
  • State Management and Visualisation
  • Tactical awareness, decision making and course management
  • Tournament reflection and Statistics Management
  • Goal Setting, Planning and Time Management

This type of coaching can be completed in conjunction with your technical and physical development with me or from other coaching sources.

“Don’t wait, the time will never be right” Napoleon Hill

Please contact me for more details.

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