“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Practise Journal

If you want to improve your golf game then this practise journal is for you!? 

The intention of this practise journal is to become your golfing bible. It will guide and assist you in achieving your golfing goals and help you get better faster.

This manual summarises over a decade of work discovered on a journey of personal study, analysis and trial and error. First-hand experience tells me the majority of golfers fail to reach their potential because of their practise habits. They are unsure on what, why, and how to practise, and unsure how to reflect and measure their golf games, in order to move forward. Without these answers, preparing and designing practise with precision and purpose is almost impossible or irrelevant. This Practise Journal will help guide you to these answers and help you develop habits for sustained improvement.

This journal with help you practise every key area of the game. It is designed to challenge and stretch you so you grow and develop. It will test you technically, mentally and tactically, which will result in giving you more skill. Developing skill will yield better results out on the golf course, the place where it actually matters, under the gun and when the pressure is high.

It’s now over to you! Good luck in your Journey.

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Through-out the Journal there are downloadable sheets to track and monitor your progress. To download, click the links below.

Rule 2 – Your Goals

Rule 6 – Your Schedule

Rule 7 – Reflection 101

Lesson Notes

Your TrackMan Numbers

Game 1 – Long Game

Game 3 – Long Game – 21 Ball Test

Game 6 – Long Game – 9 Shot Window

Game 7 – Long Game – Tee Shot Skill

Game 8 – Long Game – Score Card Challenge

Game 2- Putting – Tour Pro Challenge

Game 3 – Putting – Boss of the Moss

Game 4 – Putting – In the Zone

Game 5 – Putting – Be a Mid-Ranger

Game 6 – Putting – Tap Tap Tap it in

Game 7 – Putting – Strokes Gained

Game 1 – Short Game – ABC

Game 2 – Short Game – Roll the Dice

Game 3 – Short Game – Benchmark

Game 4 – Short Game – Spin the Bottle

Game 5 – Short Game – Leapfrog

Game 6 – ShortGame – Make it Real Through Feel

Your Games – Template


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