“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Progress Your Game This Winter – Get involved!!


Have a browse, see what takes your interest, what would be most beneficial to your game!?

Come to one or join in on all. I guarantee they will improve your game!

  • Course Management Afternoon – Improve your scores without changing your swing

  • Drive it Longer and Further – More distance = easier Golf!

  • Gapping – Know Your Distances. How far do you really hit the ball?

  • Shot Shaping. Learn to move the ball. Low, High, Draw and Fade. Add some skills to your locker

  • Learn how to practice better! Get better faster!

  • Drop in Clinic. Ask questions on your game and get help. 

  • Supervised Practice. Roll Up Sessions 

Interested!? Then sign up today!! 

Contact me on re@cga-golf.com

For more details on each clinic. Please see the blurb below!


1.Course Management Afternoon – Improve your scores without changing your Swing. – Saturday 10th November 2018 – 12.00-16.30

Join me for an Afternoon on the Golf Course

What we will Cover

  • Statistics in Golf.  Dispel some myths that could be holding you back  
  • Learn how to game plan and develop a course strategy based on your handicap 
  • Learn your club distances so you can make the right decisions
  • Develop a Pre-Shot routine like the professionals . Develop a decision process; club selection factors: yardage, wind, ground conditions, air temperature, time of day, lie, slope
  • Develop a playing process to help develop consistency
  • Let me watch you play for individual feedback.

Cost – £65 – Contact re@cga-golf.com

2. Drive it Longer and Further – More Distance = Easier Golf – Wednesday 14th November 2018 – 18.30 – 20.30

What we will Cover

  • Gain more yards off the tee. Hitting further off the tee will reduce your score. 
  • Test all your numbers on Trackman  (launch monitor)
  • Discover your spin rates and launch angles. Are you optimal? 
  • Are you finding the middle of the clubface?
  • Is your Driver right for you?
  • Find techniques to hit it further

Cost £50 – Contact re@cga-golf.com 

3. Gapping – Know Your Distances – Individuals time to suit you

Do often come up short of the green or even fly over the back?

Do you ever feel you have a big distance gap in your bag, or that two clubs fly a similar distance?

Do you ever stand over a shot undecided with which club to hit because you’re unsure how far each club goes?

Do you know exactly how far your half and full shots travel with your wedges?

Imagine if you did have this information at your disposal, do think you would hit more greens and shoot a better score? I think so.

If you agree, welcome to a gapping session with Trackman. During this session, you will hit a series of shots with every club in your bag to get an accurate measurement for each club.  Other benefits

  • Calculates distances relative to which ball you use.
  • Calculates carry distance, its roll and total yardage.
  • Calculates spin rate, height and landing angle.
  • A wedges bonus session; a combined skills test.

Don’t miss out; book an individual gapping session with me today.

Cost £85.00 – Duration 90 Minutes. Contact re@cga-golf.com

4. Shot Shaping. Learn to move the ball. Low, High, Draw and Fade. Wednesday 5th December 2018 – 18.30 – 20.30

  • Want complete control over your golf ball?
  • Ever wondered how to hit a draws and fade?
  • Do you need to hit the ball lower and higher sometimes, but can’t!? 
  • Learn how to plot your way around a golf course 

Cost £50 – Contact re@cga-golf.com

5. Learn how to practice better! Get better faster! Saturday December 15th 2018 – 14.30-16.30

  • Ever wondered how to practice better?
  • Like to practice, but not sure what to do? No objective or purpose? 
  • Never practice, but know you should?
  • Find a way to practice that helps you get better faster!

Cost £50 – Contact re@cga-golf.com

6. Drop in Clinic. Ask questions on your game and get the help you need. Friday 28th December 2018 – 10.45 – 14.15

  • You decide what you want to work on?
  • Particular area that is holding you back? 
  • Have a fault that needs fixing?
  • Have a particular shot you want to learn how to hit?
  • General advice and coaching, but you decide what!?

Cost £65 – Contact re@cga-golf.com

7. Supervised Practice. Roll Up Sessions Fridays @ 18.30-20.30

  • 3 practice nights now in till Christmas. 
  • 26th October, 9th November & 7th December, 
  • I will be practicing too. But here to answer your questions
  • Free Range balls
  • Use of Trackman 

Cost – £20 – Contact – re@cga-golf.com

Interested!? Then sign up today

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