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Golf Coaching West Sussex – Putting Clinic – Friday August 9th – 14.00 – 18.30

“If you want to be a great putter you have to begin by believing that great putters are made, not born” – Dr Rob Rotella

Putting is ‘Important’. It is very ‘Important’.

Putting often makes the difference between your best scoring rounds and the average ones, and often helps turn the poor rounds back into average ones. Therefore becoming good at this part of the game will help you enormously in your pursuit of your golfing goals.

You are invited to this clinic, to help you hole more putts;

This clinic will help you improve;

  • Technically – Improve your stroke mechanics!
  • Tactically – Improve your game sense and green reading!
  • Mentally – Improve your confidence and belief!

Some examples of what great putters do;

  • They miss once per round from 6ft and closer,
  • They only 3 putt once every 36 holes,
  • They don’t really miss inside of 4 feet,
  • They will hole 50% of putts from 8ft.

Now ask yourself this question; are you anywhere close to this?

Reflect on your last few rounds If you are not, think about how many shots you could save?

Find this intriguing and challenging, then sign up to this clinic, improve your putting and more importantly ‘YOUR GOLF’

“Putting is something that can be taught to anyone’’ Dave Stockton – PGA Tour Putting Coaching

Sign up now and pay before June 15th 2019 for a 10% Early bird Discount

Price for Clinic – £70.00

Please call 07780007384 or email re@cga-golf.com to book.

Or Pay direct to confirm your place today;

Russell Evans Coaching LTD

Account; 39055280.    Sort: 60-07-01.

Bring a friend and  ‘you will’ receive 20% off original price.

Hope to see you there! August 9th 14.00 – 18.30