“If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t your right”

Henry Ford

Unleash your Potential

potentialA formula I use daily in my coaching is based on Timothy Gallaway performance model dating back to the 70’s. Why try and re-invent the wheel, I much prefer to work with the proven truths that already exist.

Understand this and your guaranteed success

Your performance goal should be to try and increase the potential and decrease the interference. Get this right and you will have a winning formula.
I’d suggest the only way you (and I) are going to improve by massive amounts is by increasing our potentials. For example, Rory Mcllroy potential is higher than mine and yours. Potential improvements take time and should be part of every player’s long term goal.  Increasing skills, increasing technical ability, increasing knowledge and increasing your experience must all be integrated in your plan. This plan should be ongoing – the day you stop learning is the day you breathing.

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However to release your best golfer today, to maximise your current potential we must decrease the interference and learn ‘to get out of your own way’ and let the best golfer inside be released. At times it’s very easy to chase a result which creates trying and anxiety instead of a preferred state of flow, free from interference. I will predict your best golf to date has come from a certain physiological state, a state free of interference, free of confusing internal thoughts or external distractions. But I will also predict your best golfer only gets released occasionally, and when it does or does not, you’re unsure the reason why? Well don’t leave this state to chance, or an unintentional act. Learn how to bring out that killer champion on a regular basis to committing to this formula.

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